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Flashcard clash combines classic console style RPG battles with language learning flashcards. Once you choose an attack, you'll be shown a flashcard from your deck, answer correctly to complete the attack, answer incorrectly and you'll miss.

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This is an alpha test of the game to collect feedback and make sure it runs on more than my computer. If you thoughts or feedback, we'd love to hear it at: adam@numbatlogic.com

Key Features

Flashcard Clash uses the spacing effect to make learning as efficient as possible, by showing cards you get wrong more often and cards you get right less. So you don't wast time on things you already know.

To mix things up and keep it interesting, some cards can be dynamic, changing each time ou see them. Eg: The first time you see a card it might be "The fish was polite" but the next time it could be "The cat was polite" or "The dog was unplesant". This forces you to really use what you have learnt to read the card, rater than rote memorizing the same meaning of the one sentance.

You can play Flashcard Clash anywhere, from on your PC at home, to on the train to work with native PC and Mobile apps, along with the web version. All are connected to your account so you can pick up where you left off.

What can I learn?

Currently you can revise Hiragana, Katakana and some of the Tae Kim Japanese Grammar Guide. You can see the full list of what's available here

Who is to blame for this?!?

Kristy Kate - Art

Ariane Lapointe - Animation

Juhani Junkala - Audio

Megumi Yamaguchi - Flashcards

Ben Boersch - Additional Programming

Adam Clifton - Everything else

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